About CraftCommunity

Now-a-days the economical level of india is decreasing day by day which is now a great threat to all of us. So only for this, this is the very time to think for developing our economical status. Swatirtha Charitable Trust, situated at Chandipur, Abhirampur of Purba Barddhaman destrict in the state of West Bengal, is one of the best institution in West Bengal for developing and making the people able to increase their income. Under this trust, a various kind of courses are running for developing socio- economical status of people. Dokra cluster is one of them. Swatirtha Charitable Trust is always determined to do the industry more attractive and competitive and at the same time promised for betterness of the 820 artisans, engaged with the industry.

Swatirtha Dokra Craft Cluster of Swatirtha Charitable trust is a top ranked industry. It is near N.S Polytechnic College.

A little away from the trust,820 artisans of Dwariapur, Debipur and Dignagar are engaged with the industry directly and taking training for better future through skill Development Training(SFURTI)

The special activities taken by the trust for betterness of artisans are –

i) Training for using modern technology for Dokra- Cluster.

ii) Training for making modern and best design.

iii) Concept of marketing system and creating ability of saling.

iv) Concept of attractive packaging.

Objectives :

i) Development of socio – economical status of the artisans engaged with the sfurti (Dokra Cluster)

ii) To spread the industry in national and international market.

iii) Bring attention of national and international market with modern and attractive design of our new products.

iv) To make more people self sufficient.

v) To convince more people to be engaged with the industry.