The total number of 820 artisans belonging from Dwariapur, Debipur and Dignagar are involved with this industry directly and take training for a better future through skill Development Training(SFURTI). The trust has been taking special activities for the benefit of artisans. These activities are as follows:

  • Provide training through modern technology for Dokra- Cluster.
  • Offer training on how to make modern and fashionable on-trend designs.
  • Teaching the concept of the marketing system and how to scale on a bigger market.
  • Offer courses on how to improve packaging.
  • Training based on personal skill levels to make people more self-sufficient.
  • Doing marketing so that more people can engage with this industry.
  • Offering equipment courses on how to handle different modern technologies.
  • Helping to promote new products and how to do branding on e-commerce sites.