About CraftCommunity

During the covid 19 pandemic Indian economy decreased drastically. However, amidst all these, small craft businesses reached a higher level. Thus the Craft community helps those small businesses to increase people’s income and improve their lives. The craft community is a part of Swatirtha Charitable Trust. It is located at Chandipur, Abhirampur of Purba Barddhaman district in the state of West Bengal. It is the top institute in West Bengal that develops and makes the people so that they can increase their income. The institute offers a variety of different courses that help in developing the socio-economic status of people, such as the Dokra cluster. Currently, more than 820 artisans have been involved with this industry.

Why Choose the Craft community? 

The craft community organizes the traditional crafting industries and small artisans and gives them a platform where all of them can come together. The community provides support for their long-term sustainability and economy of scale. Not only that craft community also offers employment in this traditional industry and for artisans and rural entrepreneurs. The objective of this community is to enhance the market of hand-craft products of Bengal and provide support to small businesses in launching new products, design intervention, improving packaging, and the improvement of marketing infrastructure. The craft community also provides equipment to traditional artisans so that they can hone their skills and expertise. The institute also provides craft training as well. It enhances the cluster governance systems where stakeholders can actively participate.

Facilities offered:

    • Sustained employment
    • Online education
    • Different training courses on crafting
    • Online fitness courses
    • Online e-commerce
    • Online games